ESG Consultancy Society

The team run exercise consultancy projects for small and micro cap companies.  We focus on finding innovative solutions within the ESG space.  These could relate to any of the Environmental, Social, or Governance factors affecting a company or its supply chain.

We collaborate with the ESG Investment Society to share information and brainstorm ideas.  This, in turn, aids our in-depth knowledge of the company and sector.

The team:

James Bebbington



Abbi Bravi

Consultant; Technology, Software, Biotechnology.

Abbi is currently an MBA student at Bayes. She has over 4 years of experience in coaching high-growth companies in the United States through significant initiatives. Some of these initiatives include preparing to IPO, redesigning business processes, and expanding globally. In her spare time, Abbi enjoys hiking, biking, and running.

Isha Kumari



Sarah Walker

Consultant; Human Capital.

Sarah is currently an MBA student at Bayes Business School. She has six years of experience helping clients across the US Federal Government with some of their toughest Human Capital problems. She worked with clients in the cybersecurity, finance, and emergency communication fields and led projects relating to talent management, recruitment, and learning & development. Sarah is excited to be in London and is looking forward to travelling as much as she can.

Krishna Teja Alle

Consultant; Environmental and Regulatory.

Krishna is the environmental and regulatory specialist for the team. He is currently an MBA student at Bayes Business School and has over five years of regulatory experience. Prior to this, he has worked in various roles across Commodity Derivatives (US & UK) markets, Energy Consulting (Non-renewable & Renewables) and Education (Primary & Secondary) sectors. Krishna has over 12 years of diverse experience across public, private, and social sectors. He is an avid aeromodeller who plays badminton and binge watches in his down-time.

Aadithya Nair Sethunath

Consultant; Financials.

Aadithya is currently an MBA student at Bayes Business School. He has four years of experience in auditing companies in the financial sector. He has worked with various banking clients and ensured all their processes are compliant with the national bank requirements. His hobbies include music and sports.