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Data science and analytics is a rapidly emerging field. It is important for students of all subjects to have some knowledge on data science as is something that is trending and continuously gaining more importance across industries. This society is focused on 4 main areas of huge relevance now a days; data science, business analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence.









Members Benefits

Member of the society will aim to be knowledgeable of the latest technologies, industry trends, and networking opportunities in the data science space. Knowledge of local events related to analytics in Data Science in London. Sharing relevant articles to Data Science and Analytics. As well organisation of social events and meetings so like-minded students with similar interests are able to network. Industry talks, Data Scientist from a variety of industries which help members understand the use of analytics and data science in the real world. As well workshops of in programming languages such as R, Python and SQL.

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Michele Marcellini
Kai Siekmeier
Eirini Avraam
Leon Cuthbertson