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Leading the adventure

At Bayes we believe an explorer’s mindset will offer a unique advantage in the next decade and beyond, when impactful leaders will be called to build highly engaged and aligned teams.  

The MBA Expeditionary Society strives to create an environment in which its members can: 
  • Explore and socialize
  • Make critical decisions 
  • Adapt goals and priorities in fast-changing environments
  • Inspire and influence others through action
The Bayes MBA Expeditionary Society (XPS) was founded in 2017 after a successful pilot to Mount Fansipan in IndoChina. The MBA Expeditionary Society includes current MBA students, MBA/EMBA alumni, programme and faculty colleagues who share a passion for stretch experiences for leadership development. Its aim is to bring members together to work on this specific leadership development agenda, create opportunities for all our MBA students to join an Expedition - a climb, a trek or a social adventure – and to fundraise for MBA Programme Scholarships.

Our members are invited to join us on these expeditions either as event leaders or participants, and in doing so develop their own personal leadership skills and styles.