We're advancing the underrepresented.


Who We Are

Black in Business at Bayes (BIBB) is a student-run society dedicated to increasing the representation of and advancing Black professionals in the business world. Through social, cultural and professional activities and events, BIBB provides a space to collectively tackle barriers to racial equity in today's economy while promoting a diverse, inclusive, and culturally enriching environment for all.

Why We Exist

The issue of racial equality in business is hugely important.

As of June 2020 Black employees hold just 1.5 percent of top management roles in the UK private sector, according to A Business in the Community (BITC) report, Race at the Top: Revisited.

As with all business imperatives, the fight to end racial inequity needs to be led from the top and be informed by Black professionals who have been historically and systematically marginalized. We are ready to do the work and work towards the change we deserve to see.

How We'll Do It

Black in Business at Bayes (BIBB) focuses on three pillars to work towards racial equity in business:


Raise awareness of even subtle forms of bias to bring about meaningful change.


Create and expand opportunities for Black professionals.

Advocacy + Allyship

Equip others with the tools to speak up against racism in the business world.

Ready to become part of the change?